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Keeper Experience

Mundomar offers you the chance to discover a whole new world of sensations, with its exclusive "Keeper Experience" activity.

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Children before 12 years need to do it with at least one adult.

Ticket Price
Quant. TOTAL
Adult 55.0 €
Junior 55.0 €

Our "Keeper Experience" gets to join our great Mundomar family and also has the chance of enjoying first-hand, the world of the Meerkat, the Toucan, the Squirrel Monkey or the Eclectus Parrot. You will have the chance to feed them, look after them and make friends with them in their natural habitats. A whole day ahead, full of excitement, fun and lots to learn, since being a "Keeper Experience" opens up a new world of curiosities, interesting facts and secrets, known only to the inhabitants of the price Mundomar.

Activity duration: 2 hours


  • Need to be in the park at least 30 minutes before the activity
  • Children from 5 to 7 years old need to do it with an adult. Not able for disabled people or pregnant woman.
  • The price includes Entrance to the park, 3 photos with animals (rRing-Tailed Lemur, Ruffed Lemur, turtle),
  • T-shirt of a keeper, keiring and folder.
  • No refunds.